case study

Google Case Study

In order to increase sales year over year while preserving Google's efficiency, PowerNW, Portland's solar experts turned to TheMadeGroup for their Google ads strategies.

The Strategy

PowerNW has ambitious sales targets that call for significant YoY improvements. Additionally, because of their aggressive advertising, the business must make a large investment quickly in order to take advantage of the seasons in conversion rates.

New testing was shown to be the most effective tool for increasing efficiency while growing across Google, given the commercial objectives of PowerNW. As a result, TheMadeGroup and Google put the following plan into practice:

  • Extensive testing to narrow down keywords and audiences, and locations
  • Performance of A/B testing using performance max and standard campaigns
  • Making semi-daily adjustments to budget plans to match promotional activity




Increase in YoY



Increase in CTR YoY



Decrease in CPC YoY



Increase in Impressions YoY