We offer total monitoring of a brand's lifecycle marketing beyond SMS Marketing in order to take advantage of growth opportunities and maximize conversions.


Our Lifecycle Marketing team offers full management services, in contrast to other digital marketing agencies, to promote success across all of our business’s one-to-one communication channels, including SMS, email, and on-site messaging.

A data-driven, growth-oriented SMS strategy is more important than ever in the aftermath of iOS 15. We employ a targeted strategy to deliver pertinent messaging to your customers where they are most frequently found in order to engage, convert, and keep them.

In addition to partnering with some of the major SMS platforms for early access to new functionality and programming, TheMadeGroup offers a full-funnel approach to SMS marketing. Incorporating customer support, loyalty and rewards, reviews, subscription, and transactional messaging, we build out full lifecycle automation, strategically design and test campaign sends, and integrate full lifecycle automation.

TheMadeGroup Difference

We implement strategic management and integrations systems such as:

  • Platforms for Conversion Optimization (Display and Pop-ups)
  • Loyalty Initiatives (Reviews, Ratings, and Referrals)
  • Subscription services, content personalization options, and more.

Our integrated solutions guarantee complete synergy between lifecycle marketing, creative, data, and Paid Media teams to generate a feedback loop across all digital marketing touchpoints.

We match companies with the top solutions, assisting them in integrating effortlessly and enabling them to take advantage of the most recent products and beta tests as an industry-leading SMS platform's preferred partner.