Programmatic Advertising

We have access to the finest prices in the market for tech and inventory because of our strong alliances with different providers, which saves our clients money.


Our programmatic team has over ten years of specialized knowledge, which adds another level of intelligence to their remarkable track record with a wide range of clients. Both the terrain and our capabilities are constantly changing to access more devices, more inventory, and rich customer data.

Customers, not websites or apps, make purchases in the world of retail. As a result, Programmatic gathers information on those customers from a variety of signal sources with a wealth of data, including credit card firms, credit rating agencies, television providers, ISPs, and many more.

We use a wide range of programmatic formats, including display, video, native, connected television (CTV), audio, linear television, digital out-of-home (DOOH), and out-of-home (OOH), to introduce your brand and then engage the most high-intent consumers in order to maximize business growth and LTV.


  • Display
  • Video
  • Native
  • Connected TV
  • Audio
  • Linear TV
  • Digital Out of Home
  • Out of Home
TheMadeGroup Difference

To help you understand exactly where and how your advertising dollars are being spent, we publish all targeting information, bid and frequency statistics, domains, apps we are serving against, and any related expenses.

In order to increase profitability across the board, our programmatic team benefits from open communication across all platforms. Our sole focus is on exceeding the expectations of our clients. Our team's primary goal is to meet client income and sales targets as shown by current performance KPIs like ROAS and CPA.