In order to enhance profitability across the board, our Paid Search team benefits from open communication across all platforms, which generates a feedback loop of critical insights regarding audiences, creativity, products, and keywords.


As a Google Premier Partner, TheMadeGroup’s Paid Search team concentrates on brand expansion while developing successful strategies that support work done through other paid advertising channels and make use of all Google features in order to reach the broadest, most targeted audiences possible.

Our Google experts are aware of how the popular video platform YouTube can effectively increase brand exposure and attention. We have maximized remarkable full-funnel results for brands by putting in place sector-leading segmentation and audience-building methods.

TheMadeGroup Difference

Solutions for Advanced Measurement

By utilizing MMM & MTA solutions, we establish the goal and put the right measurement strategies into place to scale YouTube profitably.

  • The expertise of our team, along with our knowledge of how YouTube content varies from that of other platforms, makes us uniquely suited to offer advice on video formats that will scale YouTube most successfully across various verticals.
  • As pioneers of short-form video content, we are knowledgeable about what it takes to thrive with YouTube Shorts.
Supported by Research
  • Our audience testing is thorough and productive since we have a thorough understanding of custom affinity and intended audiences.
  • To specifically increase awareness and consideration, we employ effective audience creation, segmentation, and campaign structuring strategies.
  • Internal creative direction and execution, including scripting for landing pages, static, motion, and video storyboards, and high-level creative concept direction.