The synergy across all of our Paid Media channels, Creative teams, and in-house data experts, encourage top-tier collaboration with TikTok.


For the sake of relevancy and longevity on social media, brands need to establish a strong and memorable presence on TikTok. When you’re under the supervision of a digital advertising agency, we can turn your presence into performance by reaching consumers of all ages, fill the funnel with lower CPMs, and stay up to date on the most popular content trends in the market.

TheMadeGroup Difference

On TikTok, creative weariness occurs more quickly due to faster feed scrolls and constant UGC videos being uploaded by the minute. Knowing this, your company will have to continually pivot from trend to trend and stay active with the latest styles. We aim to do this for you through:

  • Top content producers and influencers. Both working together to produce free and paid content that increases visibility, engagement, and sales
  • Hybrid knowledge of creating and converting native content that will increase impressions driving recommended practices for direct response
Dependable off-platform Measurement Services

Through TikTok Ads Manager, 60–70% of purchase occurrences are typically not reported. We use the following resources to get a more thorough picture of the TikTok user journey:

  • Consumer feedback surveys
  • Mix Media Models
  • Platforms for Multi-Touch Attribution