We go above and beyond campaign management, unlike other firms. At TheMadeGroup, we are full-funnel marketers that purchase from Google, carefully considering all aspects of growth including CRO, landing sites, and shopping feed strategy.


As a Google Premier Partner, TheMadeGroup’s Paid Search team concentrates on brand expansion. We develop successful strategies that support success in other paid advertising channels and utilize all Google levers to reach the most targeted audiences.

Our team does this by using a thorough product adoption approach to increase the reach of our customers inside the Google ecosystem. This includes, but is not limited to, our Search campaign plan, which enables us to customize spending and/or bidding strategies for maximum profit, as well as a completely segmented YouTube, Discovery, and Display strategy to ensure that the spending and the creative are chosen to appeal to clients.

TheMadeGroup Difference

Thanks to our designation as a Premier Partner, we have access to Google's top e-commerce and international expansion team.

We can create powerful Google Shopping feeds with customized product names and specifically organized campaigns that are scaled thanks to our interaction with AI.

Our proficiency with Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and upgraded e-commerce technologies enable us to access the cutting-edge measurement and attribution solutions required to successfully expand companies.

Multi-Channel Success

In order to enhance profitability across the board, our Paid Search team benefits from open communication across all platforms, which feeds a feedback loop of critical information regarding audiences, creativity, products, and keywords.