Our integrated, cross-agency solutions promote a feedback loop between the lifecycle marketing, creative, data, and Paid Media teams by ensuring comprehensive synergy across all digital marketing touchpoints.


Using the finest lifecycle marketing, creative, segmentation, personalization, and automation technologies, email marketing management and strategy may boost conversions and customer loyalty. Our Email Marketing team offers comprehensive lifecycle management services, in contrast to other digital marketing firms, to promote success across all of our business’s' one-to-one communication channels, including email, SMS, and on-site messaging.

We keep an eye on each of our accounts daily, utilizing rich first-party and performance data to accomplish business objectives, spot potential growth areas, and make tactical changes in response to problems, like the privacy-first implications of iOS 15.

Our team creates tailored campaigns to foster customer relationships, generate income, and increase customer lifetime value using our unmatched multi-channel synergy, connections with leading lifecycle marketing platforms, innovative creative, email marketing strategy, and measurement capabilities.

TheMadeGroup Difference

We offer total monitoring of a brand's lifecycle marketing beyond email marketing in order to take advantage of growth possibilities and maximize conversions. We maintain account management and strategic connections with:

  • Platforms for Conversion Optimization (Display and Pop-ups)
  • Loyalty Initiatives (Reviews, Ratings, and Referrals)
  • Subscription services, content personalization options, and more.

We take advantage of our established connections with the most cutting-edge tech platforms in the market to offer top-tier lifecycle solutions that keep brands abreast of new releases and beta tests.