case study

YouTube Case Study

Brentwood Dental Spa, a new dental office on a mission to expand its clientele, came to TheMadeGroup looking to increase patient bookings while improving ROAS on YouTube.

The Strategy

TheMadeGroup significantly changed its creative strategy, concentrating on efficiency while boosting its revenue-generating, lower-funnel dentistry.

When YouTube content started to go stale, the crew switched it out for new material. Additionally, they changed the tCPA to better fit the campaign budget. Notably, the team found that using 16:9, or landscape, videos—a departure from what YouTube had previously used—was the key to unlocking scale.

Knowing the nuances and best practices for cross-platform creativity, the team decided to depart from previous content by choosing longer, higher-production videos (30 secs to 1 min). This allowed Brentwood Dental Spa to communicate the advantages of its dental practices, effectively showcasing patient testimonials.




Increase in Views MoM



Increase In New Patients



Impressions on Youtube Through Google UAC