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Meta Ads

What Are Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads are articles that people will see in their News Feeds when they access the website from a desktop computer or a mobile device. As a user scrolls through their News Feed, these adverts can also be shown on the right-hand column of the user's display.

The second-largest social media network in the world is Facebook. This implies that Facebook is somewhere you'll want to be whether you're a tiny business wanting to grow your customer base and sales or if you're an international firm with a household name.

The average American adult spends 40 minutes per day looking through Facebook. In this post, we'll explain how Facebook Ads function and how working with a reputable ad company like TheMadeGroup will make it much simpler for you to accomplish your Facebook objectives.

More than 3 million companies use Facebook to advertise. In this post, we'll explain why they decide to promote there and why you should work with TheMadeGroup to implement your Facebook marketing strategy in the most efficient manner.

What Can You Expect From Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads are frequently made by combining a business with a recent action of a user's Facebook friend.

As an illustration, if one of your Facebook friends "likes" the official brand page on Facebook, you can see that action on your News Feed along with a brand advertisement urging you to follow suit or urging you to buy the newest brand merchandise.

Only users' verified friends will be made aware of their Facebook Ads activity. The privacy settings a user selects for their account will apply to what Facebook shares, as they do with any social networking platform. The good news is that Facebook never provides user data to website marketers.

Should I Advertise on Facebook?

If you run a business, there's really no excuse not to promote it on Facebook. Because Facebook has such a large user base, using it to market your goods or services will almost certainly result in sales, regardless of the kind of consumer following you have.

Facebook Ads are affordable, which is a fantastic benefit that any business may value. Regardless of your financial situation, Facebook can promote your products for you.

How many users would you wish to reach each day is the main question. Although the price does rise in proportion to the number of individuals you want to advertise to, it is still a very reasonable rate when compared to most, if not all, other channels.

Let's give an illustration. Facebook will let you reach 1000 individuals for $0.25 per day. Even if a tiny business could only afford to spend $50 per month on Facebook ads, it would still be possible to reach 100,000 individuals each month.

The majority of businesses will discover that they can afford much more than $50 per month. This is why there shouldn't be any debate about the idea of advertising your company on Facebook. Don't lose time; give it a shot and see how quickly your customer base expands!

You're not alone if you don't think your business has extensive training in internet advertising and digital marketing. To get the outcomes you desire, you will unquestionably need (and likely prefer) an advertising agency.

Fortunately, TheMadeGroup has a team of specialists in web marketing that are ready to assist today!

How Can We Help You With Meta Ads?

More than you might think, working with a company like TheMadeGroup can be beneficial. Why? The ideal "middle man" to have when seeking to get the finest marketing results is a full-funnel advertising agency.

Advertising firms are attentive. They are always looking into and figuring out the best techniques to entice individuals and get them to click. More clicks result in more purchases!

You can buy targeted media with the aid of an agency. They will examine your company's data across all categories to determine where and how you sell best, as well as what has to be done to increase sales.

Every company is unique, and seasoned advertising firms like TheMadeGroup are aware of this. They prioritize quality above quantity, which is essential for real development.

Instead of bombarding you with a ton of mediocre marketing tactics, they will help you put the most effective and cutting-edge techniques designed just for you and your unique company into practice.

When Should You Think About Using a Facebook Ad Agency?

As was already stated, there is no reason not to think about hiring a Facebook Ad agency, but if you're still unsure, we have some information that may persuade you to do so.

The focus of Facebook advertising firms is on highlighting the specifics that distinguish your business. They are driven to identify what sets your business apart from the competition so they can work with you to capitalize on those unique selling points.

What Makes Facebook Marketing So Helpful?

We collaborate directly with Facebook Reps to provide you with the most cutting-edge tactics. Facebook has shown us that video advertising typically performs better than almost everything else in the current digital era.

Understanding the "why" behind your company is essential. To define this, you can use TheMadeGroup. Particularly, subscription services emphasize their "why." We can create the most effective messaging for you to communicate to your consumers in order to make them feel valued for joining your mailing list or subscription service.

The fact that Facebook owns Instagram is a tremendous reason to use their service. Facebook reported having 2.7 billion users in the second quarter of 2020, compared to Instagram's 1 billion users.

Instagram Stories is the fastest-growing product in Facebook history because it allows users to share images and videos that remain visible for 24 hours on their profile.

Google Ads

What Are Google Ads?

In order to give marketers the ability to distribute their advertising as results on Google Search pages, Google Ads is a pay-per-click platform. These results are generated using carefully chosen keywords.

This all-encompassing solution can help businesses promote their names, their articles, their websites, and more. Google Search, Google Shopping, YouTube Video Advertising, Discovery Advertising, and Display Advertising are the five different types of Google Ads campaigns.

The information below explains how Google Ads works, why you should hire a seasoned ad agency to help you, and how to get started.

How Do Google Ads Work?

You must first establish your goals before you can begin using Google Ads.

Increasing the number of phone calls to their company, visits to their physical location, and online website traffic are some of the more common objectives organizations tend to have.

Increased Phone Calls

The best businesses to achieve this goal are those that routinely schedule specific jobs, such as mechanics or hairdressers, or those that routinely close large agreements, such as a real estate agent's office.

Increased Store Visits

The optimal place for this purpose is a physical site that mostly depends on foot traffic. Increasing foot traffic is a wonderful objective if you own a brick-and-mortar business.

Increased Website Visits

Increasing website traffic is obviously the best course of action if the majority (or all) of your sales come from online transactions. This technique works well for online shopping, asking clients to join your mailing list so they may receive exclusive offers, or even asking them to complete forms with questions like "Which One of Our Products is Best for You?"

Where you want to advertise is the next item on the agenda. It is just as simple to advertise your company internationally using Google Ads as it is to advertise it locally. You have the ability to determine exactly where you fall on this ad reach range.

Your advertising won't deliver spectacular results unless they are seen by the right audience, so choosing where to navigate them is crucial. It's best to stay local if the majority of your consumers are from the community where your business is located. If you do have some international sales, try to increase them by using Google Ads to advertise internationally.

Developing your message is the third phase in the procedure. This is your chance to demonstrate how distinctive your company is and how it varies (in the greatest way) from other businesses operating in the same industry.

There are several approaches to doing this. You have two options for your banner ad on Google: either highlight what your company does best in three phrases that serve as an enticing teaser to click on, or use Google's banner ad option by sharing intriguing photos.

Because there are so many various ad styles accessible, crafting your message is very simple. This makes sure that your business stands out and has a distinct online identity. Together, Google Ads and you will choose the best formats for your marketing objectives.

Setting your budget cap is step 4 in Google Ads. Google will make sure you never pay more than the agreed-upon amount once you've selected how much you want to spend each month on advertising.

Google Ads can calculate for you your projected monthly clicks, calls, or shop visits based on the budget cap you've selected and their high-quality database and research.

Another advantage is that there is no commitment or minimum amount required for the budget cap. After just one month of using Google Ads, the majority of businesses notice an improvement in results!

Going live with your brand-new adverts is, you guessed it, the process's last stage! When you're fully live, any Google searches using a term associated with your company will take consumers directly to you.

Because of Google's numerous partner websites and extensions, working with them means you'll get a ton of extra visibility. Your company might be promoted on Google Maps, Google News, etc. by investing in Google Ads services. Your clients may uncover valuable information, such as walking or driving instructions to your business, thanks to this added exposure.

How Can We Help With Google Ads

Your business's objectives can be greatly advanced by working with an advertising firm. Yes, Google Ads may be of interest to you, but are you willing to put in the time and effort necessary to deal with them directly?

TheMadeGroup is a fantastic tool for companies looking to boost their marketing efforts and boost revenue. Our intimate ties to the largest platforms you can think of are our finest features.

We are a Premier Partner with Google! This means that we manage your Google campaigns using a scientific approach to ensure that all of your bidding and budgeting closely match your ROAS (return on ad spend).

We have a lot of clients in e-commerce and are experts in performance-driven work. TheMadeGroup will work with you to make sure that brand efforts are effective enough to defend you against rival businesses.

There are several brand initiatives that our team may set up for you on Google. Some of the most well-liked campaigns include brand campaigns, unbranded efforts, and competitors' campaigns.

Our staff will also help you with a display remarketing campaign. We favor using the display to increase retention. Targeting specific audiences rather than just everyone accessing the internet that day is necessary.

The length of time users spend on your site, the degree of engagement and customer interaction you're receiving, and the proportion of repeat customers you're keeping are a few examples of useful categories that provide us with the greatest data to study.

In addition to YouTube, our team can assist you in making bumper ads. Both the customer and the marketer appreciate bumper ads.

This is so that the marketer can take advantage of the high level of mobile outreach while the customer likes the brief form. Although they are brief, the advertising cannot be skipped.

Since ROI and return on ad expenditure are the two things they care most about, I was certain they would use our funds as effectively as possible to maximize our financial gain.

They will provide me with every last bit of information. They went above and above to make sure that our performance was very high and that we were happy with how our money was being spent.

When Should I Consider A Google Ads Agency?

It's now or never! Nothing is more important for company owners in the twenty-first century than having the strongest internet presence they can muster. There is no time to waste unless you want to continue to be a mediocre business with mediocre sales and barely scrape by!

Too many business owners don't know why they aren't making the profit they would like to. You would be the ideal mate for TheMadeGroup if this describes you.

Not only can we pinpoint what's preventing you from moving forward, but we can also come up with solutions that will get you there and make those realities a reality! Who wouldn't want accessible knowledge?

I'm not getting the sales I want, but I do know why I'm not getting them, you could be thinking. You still have the ideal chance here. Just get in touch with our staff rather than trying to swiftly scan the internet for instructional materials on how to grow your business.

Email Marketing

What Is Email Marketing Management?

The practice of organizing, simplifying, and customizing emails to send the appropriate messaging to your consumers and promote brand growth is known as email marketing management.

You may save time and money by automating messages, analyzing outcomes, creating attractive content, and creating persuasive templates with the use of email service providers (ESPs) and email platforms. ESPs that are often used include Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Hubspot, and others.

Your brand will get the following benefits from efficient email campaign management and the best email marketing software:

  • Improved email marketing efficiency, especially through A/B testing and conversion tracking. This digital marketing tool may also improve email deliverability, preventing your emails from becoming buried in spam.
  • Less cart abandonment means that visitors to your website are more likely to finish their purchases than to abandon their products in virtual shopping carts.
  • Better email open rates for your small business as well as improved long-term user engagement and repeat visitor engagement.

By automating most of the tedious grunt work involved in creating, testing, and segmenting emails for hundreds or thousands of consumers each day, email marketing management helps your business save time and money.

Your team may concentrate more on ideation, lead generation, or content production with the help of an efficient full-service email marketing firm, while the latter takes care of crucial email campaign planning and strategy.

Email Marketing for E-Commerce Your Business

For e-commerce enterprises, email marketing may be used in a variety of significant ways. For instance, your email marketing company may launch an email marketing campaign to:

  • Remind a consumer about their abandoned cart and get them to finish the transaction.
  • By providing incentives that you have pre-programmed using an email template or email automation, you may increase client loyalty.
  • With tailored, data-driven product suggestions, you may further increase client loyalty and retention.
  • Sending an instructional or informative marketing email will help you establish brand authority in your niche or industry.
  • Drive consumer engagement by utilizing innovative email design, follow-up messaging, and loyalty programs.

For the majority of e-commerce companies, email marketing is the cornerstone of efficient digital advertising. You can't afford to ignore it, and your email marketing initiatives can't be neglected.

Consider TheMadeGroup while you search for the best email marketing firm for your company. We are a top-performing marketing firm with the email marketing tools and know-how required to support the success of your brand's initiatives.

What Is Email Marketing with TheMadeGroup Look Like?

In a nutshell, email marketing is the practice of doing direct marketing by email to prospects, leads, or current clients. Email is a cornerstone of content marketing for e-commerce marketing teams, just like SEO blogging, social media campaigns, landing pages, and video postings, but it is special in its capacity to give a more focused, customized, and direct form of contact along the consumer journey.

There are several types of email marketing, including:

  • Email newsletters
  • Special offers
  • Automated cart abandonment emails
  • General advertising emails
  • Informative emails that increase brand awareness
  • And more

When registering for a loyalty program, for instance, brands may request email addresses from participants. However, e-commerce email marketing needs to be intelligently used to prevent annoying consumers and alienating potential customers. When used incorrectly, email marketing can come across as intrusive or annoying to customers, making your efforts unproductive.

Because of this, it's critical for businesses to partner with top-tier email marketing companies that understand how to optimize email campaigns for e-commerce businesses on all levels. TheMadeGroup provides a wide range of tested and efficient performance marketing services and strategies since we are professionals in email marketing. We can specifically assist your brand with:

  • Create distinct email segments for varied target audiences or lead types.
  • Automate email workflows to ensure that messages are relevant to each recipient's stage of the customer journey.
  • Make emails that people will respond to and that will encourage them to visit your website and make a purchase.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of various creativity, message, and subject lines.
  • Reach customers at the correct moment with the appropriate messaging.
  • Create industry-leading ideas, then thoroughly test them to ensure success.
  • Integrate with premier loyalty rewards programs in the industry to turn customers into brand devotees.

Email marketing may be incredibly efficient for your business, but only if you work with a company that is aware of its ever-changing prospects and problems.

Email marketing: Why Is It Important?

Email marketing for your e-commerce firm may be quite profitable when done properly by marketing experts.

  • Builds brand loyalty, particularly when interactive and interesting material is used.
  • Convert leads into conversions, especially when combined with incentives or special offers.
  • Maintains ties with current customers (CRM) to increase retention through loyalty schemes, continuous promotions, and other means.
  • Reduces cart abandonment, increasing the likelihood that customers will make a purchase and come back to your website by three times.
  • Clients of ours see up to a 30% rise in sales and a decrease in cart abandonment after implementing our email marketing services. We also assist our clients in growing their email lists by three times and generating income at a pace four times higher than that of sponsored social media platforms.

Email marketing is very essential for the long-term success of your company, but only if you have the correct team of specialists in place who know how to increase clickthrough rates and conversions.


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TikTok Marketing

What Is TikTok?

TikTok. The most popular app to date has a two-syllable name that is quite catchy. China-based TikTok is a social media platform that enables users to share and/or quickly produce videos with one another.

TikTok was initially released somewhere in September of 2016, but over the last two years or so, it has had the fastest growth of any social media network.

Users of TikTok are encouraged to make 15- to 1-second-long short-form videos. There were 2 billion TikTok downloads as of 2020, and there were at least 800 million active users. Gen Z makes up the majority of the user population, with 41% of users being between the ages of 16 and 24. Additionally, they use TikTok on a daily average of less than an hour.

TikTok is a fantastic platform for marketing your business's goods to young people across the world who are constantly looking for the latest and trendiest items to buy.

What Kind of Content Is Seen Most on TikTok?

When it comes to the kind of videos that its users upload, TikTok users publish quite a variety. Video footage that features dancing and lip-syncing is the most widely used on TikTok. The majority of TikTokers use the app to amuse their fans by performing popular choreographed dance routines.

The reason why so many pop singers and undiscovered musicians are dominating the charts is because of this sort of material! By promoting their most recent work, influencers are assisting certain firms in going viral.

Having said that, this is definitely not the only type of content available on the app. There is a wide variety of people posting and what is being uploaded due to the hundreds of millions of active users.

The following are some additional popular TikTok video categories:

  • Educational TikToks
  • Craft/Art-Based TikToks
  • Fitness-Focused TikToks
  • Cooking/Food-Based TikToks
  • Animal Lover TikToks
  • Acting/Comedy Sketch TikToks
  • Tutorial/Life Hack TikToks

Millions of people follow prominent accounts with these themes as their interests. Influencers like these TikTok makers can aid in your advertising efforts.

One thing unites all of the aforementioned TikTok categories. They are disclosing information to other people. Yes, individuals are displaying their passions, pastimes, and skills. They are, nevertheless, also motivating their audience. Their audience is being taught by them. To serve their audience, they are creating a community.

This information-sharing hub is very helpful for businesses. You will undoubtedly reach tens of thousands, if not millions, of people on TikTok if you can collaborate with an influencer there. Influencers have devoted, devoted followers who respect them and their judgment.

What Type of Brands Should Advertise on TikTok?

Any company that provides goods that young people could be interested in or need is appropriate for (and ought to) promote on TikTok. Your products are assured an astounding level of daily exposure given the virality of the app.

Remember that although being sizable, a percentage like 41% is still less than half. Consequently, 59% of TikTok users are 25 years old or older! TikTok is still the best option if your company sells goods that appeal to a broad range of consumers.

Here are some brands you may know of that make use of TikTok advertising:

  • BMW
  • Chipotle
  • Crocs
  • Calvin Klein
  • The NBA
  • Burberry
  • Gymshark
  • Mercedes Benz
  • MAC Cosmetics
  • The Washington Post

You don't have to be one of these well-known companies to succeed on TikTok. TikTok marketing is useful for many small firms that are just getting started.

It's excellent if you already have a solid customer base that is devoted to you. Encourage them to subscribe to your TikTok channel, or just expand your market by acquiring new users.

Why Are TikTok Ads So Entertaining?

The fact that TikTok ads seamlessly blend in with the other material on your screen is one of the main reasons why they are successful. The visual depiction of an advertisement on TikTok is identical to that of a regular user's video.

As you go around the app, a video from an account you don't follow can be included in the mix. This is often a brief, effective advertisement that makes viewers pause, look, and pay attention to your goods.

On TikTok, advertisements come in a wide variety. Some advertisements take the comic path by using performers, a hilarious setting, an amusing situation, or a straightforward joke. Others are readily created by the overlaying text and visually appealing artwork over a popular song's catchy chorus.

If your business already has a sizable fanbase, you may consider employing well-known TikTok users to advertise your goods on their own accounts! This has been a really effective marketing tactic in the last year or two. Users get much more interested in a product when they see their favorite content provider promote it.

How Can We Help With TikTok Marketing?

At TheMadeGroup, we pride ourselves on keeping up with the most recent marketing trends and putting those findings to use when establishing the brands of our customers.

It makes perfect sense that a business wouldn't want to invest the time and effort necessary to participate in TikTok advertising. After all, you want to perform everything your company does as effectively as you can. You don't want to run the risk of joining TikTok and failing.

In response, we are here. An advertising company called TheMadeGroup may make your transition to TikTok smooth and easy.

Our brand-focused and creative staff members will be able to determine which design elements will garner you the most views. Our digital analysts will be working behind the scenes to determine how many advertisements to create, how frequently they should be placed, and what hashtags will give you the most exposure.

Youtube Marketing

How Do Youtube Ads Work?

The popularity of YouTube has its advantages and disadvantages. In truth, it's hard to understand the statistics that YouTube boasts. For instance, the website claims to have more than two billion monthly active users who watch approximately five billion different movies every day. Additionally, the site receives more than 500 hours of new video material every minute.

With almost 70% of US people using YouTube, it's understandable why marketers find it difficult to take advantage of the platform's wide audience. You don't have to go through this fight alone, which is wonderful news. To reach qualified customers while they explore YouTube videos, TheMadeGroup combines highly targeted audiences from throughout the entire marketing funnel with YouTube-optimized video content.

In reality, YouTube's ability to target users is one of its strongest suits since it draws on data from Google, the company that owns YouTube. You may use a variety of strategies to target users on YouTube. You may, for instance, choose to target people based on their demographics, their interests, or recent life events. Additionally, you may use keyword, subject, or placement targeting in addition to retargeting former viewers of your content.

These targeting methods may be quite helpful, but only if you know how to utilize them correctly. To begin with, you must be aware of your target audience. Finding this information on your own can be challenging, which is where TheMadeGroup can be of great assistance. You must next decide on your precise targeting criteria. To make sure you're truly contacting the proper folks, you must track and modify your targeting strategies. Targeting is undoubtedly a difficult task, but TheMadeGroup can make it simpler by walking you through the full procedure from beginning to end.

YouTube Advertising Options.

The procedure then moves on to the next stage, which is selecting your YouTube advertising types. It may surprise you to learn that there are several options available, ranging from the standard video advertising to even pop-up text ads. What you need to know about some of the many YouTube advertising styles is as follows:

  • In-stream video ads: These YouTube video commercials play before or during the video. They can either be skippable or non-skippable depending on the category. To that end, anticipate paying more for the non-skippable variety.
  • Display ads: While a video is playing, these picture adverts show on the right sidebar. This is a fantastic way to get started.
  • Discovery ads: These advertisements entail putting the video content from your channel at the top of the search results page depending on particular keywords.
  • In-video overlay ads: While a video is playing, these advertisements, which may contain an image or text, will appear on the lower 20% of the screen. It has a link and a way to leave it.

The pricing setup is arguably the finest aspect of the bulk of YouTube advertising alternatives. Typically, you pay per click as opposed to each impression. As a consequence, you may relax knowing that your advertising efforts are paying off. Though prices differ, you should prepare to spend between $0.10 and $0.30 per click on a YouTube advertisement.

How Can We Help With Youtube Ads?

Here is a summary of how our YouTube advertising services may assist you in achieving your business objectives:

  1. Audit and input on current video assets: We start the process with a thorough audit and offer comments on current video assets. This aids in giving us a thorough grasp of your sector, brand, and existing advertising techniques. Then, we may assist in creating information that is coherent and harmonizes with earlier posts on this platform and others. Finally, our audit may assist you to identify the aspects of your present YouTube advertising plan that are effective and ineffective.
  2. Generate a creative strategy: If you're not naturally creative, advertising on YouTube might be really scary. In comparison to networks that are mostly image-based, this one is primarily a video platform, therefore creating good content takes more effort. Having said that, this aspect doesn't always have to be bad; in fact, it sometimes helps. As you now know, video ads can be more successful since they engage more senses. Our team at TheMadeGroup is skilled in engaging your audience's senses with stunning video content.
  3. Audience implementation and research: Speaking about your audience, it might be challenging to impress them if you are unaware of who they are and what they are seeking. As a consequence, TheMadeGroup places a high priority on audience research and execution to identify our target audience and determine the best ways to engage them through engaging content. We are able to fully utilize YouTube's targeting capabilities to provide the appropriate material to the appropriate audience for the greatest outcomes.
  4. Ad bidding strategy: Another feature of this platform that may be perplexing and challenging for newbies is the bidding procedure on YouTube. Fortunately, we are well aware of it and can use bid strategy testing to help you get the most out of your advertising spending on this platform. After all, you should never spend more on advertising than necessary. When it comes to YouTube advertising, TheMadeGroup is fully aware of how to maximize your investment.
  5. Scale: Finally, TheMadeGroup will assist you in modifying and scaling your YouTube video adverts. This enables you to modify your advertising while they are running to make sure you are getting the desired results. When your advertising has reached its optimal efficiency, you may scale it appropriately to optimize your expenditure.


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